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YETI tips has steps that really work, tested in the real-world, to help you (1) Survive tough stuff (2) Be more successful (3) Be more attractive and happier!

ALL OF IT! Stop worrying about that big mountain of doubt that follows you around - YETI can fix that!


The Band Aid Therapist talks about Bullying and Boundaries in this holiday season.


This is your week at home and work. Be ready...

BAND AID THERAPIST The BAT's Tom and Jerry talk about Borderlines and alcohol. No, they don't mix.

If a Borderline Loves You. This book gives you sex, love and relationship advice, for those “walking on eggshells” people – Borderlines.

Portland Intergroup April Speaker Audio


I need my life to change. What can I do to get what I want? - eBook

How do I deal with difficult people with Borderline Personality Disorder? - video download

15 Tips - How to Survive the Holidays – DVD, video download

They say laughter is the best medicine. See YETI funny videos!!

How to Get What You Want

This is a simple, practical how-to book that shows you how to get what you want, and make a fresh start. It's about happiness, love, and success. It teaches you the steps for feeling positive about yourself, making a plan that’s not just a wish-list, and dealing with the things, circumstances, or people that are holding you back. Willpower's not enough, you need to give yourself some better skills, rather than just hope that something good will happen. This time, try doing it differently...

Coping with Borderlines' Bad Behavior

How to protect yourself from borderlines and other VERY difficult people. Understand why they do it, and what YOU can DO about it. QTIP - Quit Taking It Personally - and follow the 15 TIPS.

15 Tips - How to Survive the Holidays - DVD

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A Great Gift for you and everyone you know! 15 TIPS to survive the holidays that really work - to get past all the manipulation and put-downs - and cope well with difficult people, even if they're family. These TIPS prepare you, giving you assertiveness tools, that keep your self-esteem safe like wearing a Kevlar vest. Using these TIPS you won't be surprised, or a victim - and it's much more fun than therapy. You can emerge intact and still have a good time!

Survive the Holidays – Video Download or Pay per View

Survive the Holidays